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The EMR: What, Why, Which?

Why Use an Electronic Medical Record System? This slideshow presentation reviews the national imperative for health system redesign to improve the quality of health care delivery in the US. Topics include the need and demand for better health information, defining quality, the importance of health information technology, Six Sigma principles of quality improvement, emerging public policy incentives for achieving quality, the desirable features of future EMR systems and how to get there.

Major Features of EMR Systems: This PowerPoint presentation shows some of the major features of our EMR system, including the computing devices we use and some screenshots of various forms used to provide and document care.

The EMR Initiative at MSU: This PowerPoint slideshow provides a description for the general public that outlines MSU’s goals for using health information technology to improve health professions education and patient care.

EMR Implementation Phases: This PowerPoint slideshow was taken from an early presentation to the MSU HealthTeam Practice Executive Committee. It provides an overview of the EMR implementation plan, including it various roll-out phases, early milestones, and activities related to fund-raising, research, partnerships, and outreach.

The EMR Literature - Benefits of Use: This PowerPoint slideshow illustrates several published examples that demonstrate the benefits that EMR use (computerized physician order entry, reminder systems, clinical decision support, guideline-assisted care) can have on health care practices and outcomes. It also shows some of the opportunities lost if EMR systems and the health care facilities they are installed in are not designed to promote physician data entry.

Potential Savings from EMR Implementation: This PowerPoint slideshow summarizes a published example of the savings achieved in the late 1990s by implementing the Logician EMR in a four physician family practice office in Concord, NH.


Related Topics

EMRs & Tablet PCs: For today's mobile health professionals, wireless tablet PCs are to desktop computers what cell phones are to pay phones, an irreversible social trend and a work in-process. This presentation describes what's involved for EMR use in office-based patient care. (Adapted from a 2003 Logician User Group presentation).